Sunday, June 24, 2007

MEME Janie

I don't think I know all the answers, but I will try.

1. Your age? 3 years old

2. Your age when came to live with your people? 2.5 years old

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? Pink Leather Brighton Collar with brown & white pony fur and silver hearts

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? Lyn Townsend, she rescued me

5. How much do you weigh? 16 pounds

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? I chew anything and I don't know what things cost, so it would be walls or televisions I guess

7. Do you like other Dogs? Oh I love doggies!!!!

8. Who is your best non-human friend? Bussie

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? Squeakies

10. Do you like to be brushed? I don't know yet, it requires I be touched even when I am afraid to be

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? I can only eat my special kibble

12. Do your people cut your toenails? No

13. Any formal education? No not yet, Mommy is planning on taking me to obedience school so I can learn to be handled and some commands without freaking out and being afraid

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? combo

15. Five nicknames your people call you Janie, Pee Pee Pants, lil girlie, baby, princess

16. What is your best trick? I don't know any yet, but I am sure it will involve peeing

17. Do you like kitties? Never seen these

18. What did you have for breakfast? My Special Kibble

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? If so, what? No!

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? I went a lot before I came here but I am all betterers now.

21. Where do you sleep at night? In the big bed.

22. Do you like to swim? I have been too afraid to try it yet

23. Can you make puppies? I did, I was a sex slave and the rescue vet said I had like 2 or 3 litters of puppies but they fixed me now so I can't.

24. Do you give kisses? Oh yes I sneak them in

25. Can you potty on command? No unfortunately

26. To Cuz or not to Cuz? Cuz?

Okay I am going to take a nap now. This time zone stuff and taking care of Jackson so far away and well, a girl needs her rest!

Nighty nights


Jackson said...

Pee pee pants? Awwww, that's too mean!
Thanks for taking such good care of me Nurse Janie. I'm feeling swell today. J x

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Janie,

You are sooo pwecious!

xxx Asta down under

wally said...

Hi Janie! I'm glad you found Buster and they don't make you have babies anymore (sounds like Sam Brownback!) I wish we could make some people get spayed and neutered, eh? Without anesthesia, preferably.


Maggie said...

Hi Janie,
I'm glad your best friend is Bussie and you found your forever home with him. You're going to experience all the best things in life! It will just take a little bit more time!

Love ya lots,

Gus said...

Janie: You are such a sweetie to give up sleep to help take care of Jackson. You and the two Asta's are providing him with great care and lots of caring. Thank you. We all think he is special.

We all think you are special too

Oscar Airedale said...

Nice fatcs Janie. I hope you can learn to trust more hoomans. There are some nice ones among the idiots!

Oscar x

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey Janie! Cute girl! Oh you like to sleep in the big bed too! Hihihi! Isn't it the best place to nap?

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Glad that you found Buster and family.

Boy n Baby

Stanley said...


Hey, girlie. I'm Stanley and I started reading your blog while you were on hiatus. So glad you're back! I know it will be hard to move out of Bussie's house, but I hope you get your furrever home soon.

You are quite the cutie pie. Too bad we don't live closer. And, BTW, thanks for taking care of my buddy, Jackson! Do you need anything?

Goober love,

Momo :) said...

Hello Janie!!

Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? >>combo

I would answer the same. :)

Momo xoxo

Asta said...

You awe a dawling girl!!!!!
that must have been a nightmawe where you were befowe, I'd be doing lots mowe than peepeeeing if that happened to me..I'm sooo glad you have Bussie and your Mommie and Daddy, and btw, you look gweat in your goggles...did you go for a wide in the convewtible?
smoochie kisses dollface
Astpee ess..thanks for helping with our Jackson, I know he loves you too