Monday, April 30, 2007


I love walkies. When I first came here I didn't even know what a leash was - now I walk on one perfectly. I always run away when someone calls me or tries to come up to me, but rattle my leash and tell me its time for walkies and I am right there!

Bussie always pulls and tugs on his leash. He always wants to be out in front just beyond where his leash reaches.

I have to hurry up over the bridge so my feet don't go down the grate!

Bussie leaves at least a million peemails everytime we go out out for walkies.

I'm keeping up with him here!

Do I hear a doggie? I love doggies!

Oh it's schnauzer behind the fence! I love schnauzer behind the fence! And there's Buster fighting schnauzer right through the fence....

Mommy is always so happy when I pee outside - she makes a big deal out of what a good girl I am.

Ooooh it is hot out here, let's head home to the air conditioning please?

Fuzzy face sniffies